Asteroids as tracers of solar system formation: Probing the interior of primordial main belt asteroids

This is a database that allows retrieving the reduced and deconvolved images as well as the 3D shape models of the asteroids surveyed as part of the ESO large program 199.C-0074 (PI: Pierre Vernazza) whose main science objective has been to characterize the density of the largest asteroids (42 asteroids with D>85km) with unprecedented precision (<10%), sampling the main compositional classes. To achieve our science objective, we performed high angular-resolution observations of our targets with VLT/SPHERE/ZIMPOL throughout their rotation in order to derive their volume (via their 3-D shape; e.g. Viikinkoski et al. 2015), which, combined with already existing mass estimates, provide their bulk density. The high-resolution 3-D shapes also allowed us to detect craters larger than 30 km and use their morphology (crater diameter and depth) to characterize the density of the outer shell. A summary of the findings of the large programme based on all the data is presented in Vernazza et al. (2021, A&A). In addition, there have been several papers dedicated to the analysis of individual targets (Broz et al. 2021, Carry et al. 2019, 2021, Dudzinski et al. 2020, Ferrais et al. 2020, Fetick et al. 2019, Hanus et al. 2019, 2020, Marchis et al. 2021, Marsset et al. 2020, Vernazza et al. 2018, 2020, Viinkinkoski et al. 2018, Yang et al. 2020).